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We Specialise in Healthcare websites for GP Surgery, NHS, Consultants and Dental Practices

Looking for a new website for your GP Practice, Primary Care Network, or other health care provider

We know health care

Easy steps to your new site


Answer Some Questions

We only need minimal information about your practice to get started. We have a wealth of knowledge and proven designs for all demographics of patients.


We Build and Launch your site

We put together your site in one of our custom templates for GP Surgeries with common NHS information and can include Patient Access, eConsult, System One, or any other specific requirements you have.


We Manage All Updates

We take care of all updates and maintenance. Need something added to your website in a hurry, just sent it through to our Support Team and we do all the hard work.

A Few Words About Who We Are And Our Team

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20+ Years Experience For Your Business

We are a small team of computer experts who are experienced in the healthcare technology industry going back to 1997 when the internet was just a child.  We know how to deliver on the technical front, and we receive consistent compliments that we deliver just as good on the customer service front. 

With us, you will benefit from a team with expertise not only in web desgin, but we have backgrounds in computer hardware builds, software and network security, modern day risks and hacks, social media algorithms, pay-per-click models, online payment processors and so much more.

Other Solutions We Expertly Provide

Do you need help with your Google AdWords or Amazon Ads campaigns?

We can help with every aspect of your online toolset to promote your business.

Implementation of a good CRM solution is vital for any growing business.  We offer specialist project services to present and deploy the right solution for your company needs.

Protecting your business is vital, and protecting your customers data is equally so. As part of the Microsoft Partner Network we recommend cloud solutions customised to your business.

Need to improve your online presence through Search Engine Optimisation - look no further.  We offer excellent value for money service including training to help you manage your own content in a positive way.

Are you looking to make the switch to Office 365 for added security and use of Microsoft Teams?

We are Certified Microsoft Partners offering a managed service for a number of Office 365 clients.

We look after all the small details so you can concentrate on running your business.

We are specialists in deploying an managing cloud WiFi solutions for small offices, business premises, shared rental housing, or larger family homes.  We can deploy and manage all aspects of the No. 1 Ubiquiti Cloud WiFi solutions.  Never suffer a low WiFi signal again.

We offer a number of solutions to manage your infrastructure support, including transition from on-premises to cloud computing.

While less common these days, there is still a need for occasional bespoke software development and support. 

Count on us to manage all aspects of any technical project, from software development, system rollouts, business analysis or infrastructure deployments. Let our IT Project Management experience help you.