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Forbes Websites is now Webicious Ltd

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Our name has changed, our service remains the same...

Over the years we have been committed to providing high quality websites at low prices for the healthcare industry. As our business has grown we have constantly sought out new ways to deliver high levels of service across a multitude of areas.

It has become clear we need to simplify and focus our core brand to highlight what we do best. To that end, we are now Webicious Ltd, and our mission is to make technology simple and provide high quality low cost websites for the healthcare industry and small business.

Rest assured you will continue to receive our unlimited updates and full support for your website, and furthermore, no price increase on your current contract. In addition, you will benefit from our new offerings designed to optimise your website with enhanced security.

Through partnerships with new suppliers, all of our website customers now benefit from a fully secure site. As the internet has evolved, more websites are now served through https connection where a green padlock is provided in the browser – this gives users a high level of confidence the site is genuine and confidence to complete any contact forms online where information is encrypted. In addition, we now use a content delivery network that provides an extra layer of security against denial of service attacks and malware.

For GP Surgeries we have been developing new responsive design templates that adapt to the most optimum viewing whether on a desktop or mobile phone. If you would like to update your website to a responsive design, please let us know. It couldn’t be easier – we do all the hard work and transfer your website content into the new look. All this is included in your unlimited updates contract.

How do I contact you?

Please visit our new website at webicious.uk
Our old website, phone and emails will auto-forward to Webicious, so you don’t need to do anything, but don’t be surprised when we email back from Webicious Ltd.
Our mailing address has changed to 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.

How do I pay?

Our accounting, invoicing and banking systems are changing. Payment details will be on your invoice. Any current invoice can be paid on the terms on that invoice. All new invoices will be issued through our new accounting system with new bank details and payment methods that include credit/debit card, Direct Debit and PayPal.

Referral Offer

If you refer a new customer to us, they will receive our six months free offer. Therefore, we think it’s only fair our existing customer get some benefit from that too. So, we are launching a special referral offer whereby you can receive six months free on your next renewal for any new customer who takes up our services based on your referral.