The web is dynamic and forever changing.  Just as you think you’ve gotten to grips with HTML and Meta Tags, something new comes along.  Whether you are building your first website, or have had one for years, unless your business is keeping up with the change, Google will slowly but surely disregard the information as out of date.

The two most common things we hear from customers disappointed with their website performance are:

  • “I tried Adwords once, but it didn’t generate substantial leads”
  • “Our customers don’t tend to find us through our website”

We help small businesses make Digital Marketing part of their overall strategy for marketing their products and services.  For some, Digital Marketing can be right as the sole marketing choice, but mostly we find it sits nicely alongside and enhances conventional marketing campaigns rather than replacing them.

The beauty of Digital Marketing, and the main reason Google makes so much money, is the ability to target your company advert directly to a potential customer who is searching for exactly what you offer.  And because they are searching, they often have no preconceived supplier.  Once you harness the ability to correctly target your online marketing campaign, the next step is to have a stunning website to convert the lead into a sale.