What do we offer Consultants?


We haven’t found a competitor charging lower than ourselves as yet. There are many who claim low cost, but from what we can see, we are by far the cheapest at only £149+VAT. We don’t scrimp either, we work with some of the most capable web designers and developers to ensure you have a great looking site that works for your website visitors. We have no set-up fees, no hidden fees and we don’t use paid advertising either on your site.

Unlimited updates and revisions

We know things change along the way, and one of our key services is that we provide unlimited updates and revisions to your website throughout the year. There is no extra charge for this, it’s all included in your low annual fee.

Unlimited Pages

We don’t have any restrictions on the number of pages you can have. We will build your website in an optimum style with the goal of making your information accessible, without cramming it into a restrictive number of pages.

Multiple Languages

We can integrate Google Translate features to enable patients to translate your site to their chosen language with one click.

In addition to the great features above, you also get:

Content Management System

Content management systems are great if you want to publish daily or weekly articles on your site, and ultimately have a website where the content is dynamic and constantly being updated. But for adhoc changes and updates to existing text, we think it is overkill.
The quickest thing to do is email the change requests to our dedicated support team. From the moment you click send you can be assured our professionals will take care of the nitty gritty details, such as ensuring the changes are consistent with Google standards keeping your place in the search rankings.

Your own pictures

We will build your website from our stock of medical images.  However, if you have your own photographs of your clinic building, interior or local area surroundings, then we will incorporate them into your site.  We can also include staff portrait photographs if you would like.

Visitor Reports

Harnessing the power of Google Analytics, visitor and trend reporting can be emailed to you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Responsive Designs

There are aspects of web designs that are immediately obvious to the teenager on where to click and what to do, but may not be so obvious to the new web explorers with their first computer that they need to ‘click to expand’ for more information.  Our clinic websites aim to deliver your information in a format that looks professional and works on any number of browsers, computers and smartphones, and is easily readable by patients of all demographics.

Accessibility Standards

We are committed to providing websites that are accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability, by meeting the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA.  The site will be compatible with all standard assistive software including screen readers and non-visual desktop access browsers.


We can provide the ability for your patients to register for a newsletters and/or bulletins, updates, etc via email.  You can then send HTML formatted emails to your subscriber list.