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Enable patients to effectively navigate healthcare needs

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Care Navigation is all about ensuring patients are directed to the most appropriate care at the right time. A GP Surgery website is often the first point of contact for patients, and through employing a considered workflow you can direct patients right to where they need to be.

Our care navigation portal is designed to cut through the traditional website menu layout and employ graphic design and textual information in an effective manner to help the patient navigate to the most appropriate information without having to know what to look for.

It’s all about helping the patients when they need it, and reducing phone call and pressure on surgery staff.

Let us help you make your website work for you.

Two clicks or less... Really?

How the portal works


Opening layer identifies the reasons for the patients visit

The whole purpose of a care navigation portal is to help the patient find what they need without resorting to calling the surgery.

The first layer of the website must be centered around the patients Clinical needs, and allow a flow to other areas where the need is not clinical in nature.


After one click the patient arrives at the second layer which should contain more relevant information

Now that the patient is in a specific area, new medical problem, long term conditions, worried about cancer, etc., the second layer can provide more catered options to those needs and be specific to the local GP practice options.

At this point, their second mouse click should be taking them right where they need to be.


Patient is the right care area receiving the right information on what to do next

After two clicks the patient should be reading information relevant to their visit and need.  It could be simple such as directing them how to order repeat medication online, or it could be a new medical problem and giving the patient information on suitable appointment choices and urgency.

Whatever the breakdown, the portal can be customised to provide the right content for your practice.


What Practice Managers want to know

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Our process is extremely streamlined and we can get any GP Surgery website running in ten days with our configurable framework. The surgery can then review, provide feedback and approve the go-live.

Yes! All our designs use the latest in responsive design and are fully optimised for mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

It so easy!  Just fill out our simple order form and we will get started.

No! All our website prices include all hosting, support and maintenance fees.  Furthermore, we go the extra distance, support doesn't just cover technical issues, you also get access to our specialist web development team who can make simple changes and updates for you.

We provide full access to the content management system enabling you to make quick updates in a timely manner.  If anything is too complex, just send it over to our fabulous support team and they will do it for you at no extra charge. The choice is yours.

We take security very seriously. By pooling resources on our systems we put Enterprise level security and firewalls in place to protect your data. Furthermore, we do not store any personal information on the website. Every site comes with SSL Certificates, and global content delivery networks that provide an extra layer of firewall protection.

Sounds great...
How do I get started?

Don't worry, we handle all the hard work and make the process easy

We know health care

Easy steps to get started


Answer Some Questions

We only need minimal information about your practice to get started. We have a wealth of knowledge and proven designs for all demographics of patients.


We Build and Launch your site

We put together your site in one of our custom templates for GP Surgeries with common NHS information and can include Patient Access, eConsult, System One, or any other specific requirements you have.


We Manage All Updates

We take care of all updates and maintenance. Need something added to your website in a hurry, just sent it through to our Support Team and we do all the hard work.

Wondering What You Get? Features and Benefits.


- 01. Bold Design

We only use responsive templates that make your website stand out on any device from desktop computer to mobile smart phones.

- 02. Easy To Edit

We use WordPress content management which makes altering text, posting a news update, or running a blog all simple tasks that are quick to do.

- 03. High Encryption and Security

All our websites meet the highest standards for encryption, SSL certificates, and include extras like firewalls and DNS denial of service prevention tools. 

- 04. No Limits!

We have no limits on disk space, bandwidth or traffic.  You are free to grow your website as fast as your business can handle. If you would like to post a blog or news everyday with pictures, go for it. Top tip: Google SEO ranks regularly updated websites higher than ones that never change.

A Few Words About Who We Are And Our Team

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20+ Years Experience For Your Business

We are a small team of computer experts who are experienced in the healthcare technology industry going back to 1997 when the internet was just a child.  We know how to deliver on the technical front, and we receive consistent compliments that we deliver just as good on the customer service front. 

With us, you will benefit from a team with expertise not only in web desgin, but we have backgrounds in computer hardware builds, software and network security, modern day risks and hacks, social media algorithms, pay-per-click models, online payment processors and so much more.

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Why Our Customers Love Us

The Doctor

“ The service I have received is always outstanding, fast, friendly and the team know what I need before I ask. A pleasure to deal with. ”

The Practice Manager

“ I don’t need to think about our website, everything is taken care of. I especially like that all I need to do for updates is drop the support team an email and it gets actioned straight away. I don’t have to do it myself or learn another complex computer software to update the site. From popup notices to newsletters, they do everything perfectly. ”

The Business Owner

“ The speed at which things are done is important for me. If I want to launch a new marketing campaign and need a new page or dedicated Instagram link, I know I don’t have to wait long and I can get on with planning my sales. I can’t imagine what website management would be like without these guys. ”